About Us

BDi was born while two career firefighters were assisting with a multi-agency fire training at the Ohio Fire Academy. While assisting with the training evolutions we noticed that multiple crews with very experienced firefighters would enter the structure utilizing their Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) to search for victims and navigate through the structure. They soon realized the victims (training mannequins) did not produce a life like heat signature and they would drop the camera and revert to the old school blind search techniques. At the end of the three days of training the two founders of BDi had a brief discussion on how we could incorporate heat to the training mannequins to produce a realistic heat signature through the TIC. We continued to search for possible solutions and that’s when we found the heated material FabRoc by EXO2. We reached out to them and they were very interested in assisting us with the research and development of the TICSkin. From there EXO2 introduced us to Capewell Aerial Systems allowing us to keep the manufacturing of our products here in the United States of America. We have since continued our partnerships with EXO2 and Capewell Aerial Systems to develop the Therma-Cot and IV Fluid Warmer(coming soon) that are beneficial to the Pre-hospital Emergency Medical and Rescue fields. We both feel very blessed to be on this journey and could not have done it without the partnerships we have formed and the mentors that have been willing to assist us over the past year. Thank you for your purchase and please send us pictures, videos and feedback on the products!
Stay Safe,
A & B