Is there a warranty on BDi products?

Yes, all BDi products come with a one (1) year warranty for manufacturer defects.

How long do the Cot Warmer batteries last? 

The batteries should last on level three (3) for approximately four (4) hours. For your convenience, the batteries are programmed to shut off after 45 minutes. This will help extend the run time while not in use.

How long do the TICskin batteries last?

The batteries are designed to operate the TICskin for approximately eight (8) hours continuously.

Does the TICskin have to be used with coveralls or similar clothing covering it?

Yes, the TICskin is designed to be attached to the mannequin and covered with coveralls or similar clothing. This not only protects the TICskin but it also assists in retaining and distributing the heat to give the most realistic image through a thermal imaging camera.

Can the TICskin be used in live fire trainings? 

Yes, the TICskin can be used in live fire trainings. However, it cannot be used in the fire compartment or in areas where it is susceptible to direct flame impingement. The TICskin is manufactured using flame resistant cordura fabric but it will melt when directly exposed to flames. 

What is the maximum temperature of the Cot Warmer? 

The max temperature on level three (3) is 110 degrees Fahrenheit. 

How can BDi products be cleaned? 

Unplug the battery and use mild, soapy water to clean or disinfect the Cot Warmer and TICskin. Make sure the battery and connecting wire are not exposed to liquid or any type of cleaning product. 

What is FabRoc? 

FabRoc™ Heat Technology by EXO2 centers on a unique polymer based element that heats up when low voltage is passed through it. This 21st century smart technology, under development for over 30 years, can be powered by rechargeable batteries, the accessory socket of a power unit or even regular 120 volt current. By regulating the voltage, the heating element can be made to heat up to a pre-defined level, creating a uniform area of heat with no hot spots. Uniform distribution and dissipation of heat allows the heating element to be located in close proximity of the area to be heated in order to maximize heat and minimize heat response time. The polymer, which is at the heart of the heating component, is loaded with a proprietary blend of conductive particles which enhance its conductivity properties. This protected ‘recipe’ allows FabRoc™ to exhibit a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) when heated. PTC means that as the temperature of the polymeric material rises its electrical resistance also increases in a non-linear fashion. Once the material reaches the desired temperature, it self-regulates by drawing very little electrical current until it begins to cool.

How does FabRoc work? 

FabRoc™ has a conductive "chain" built into the material. When low voltage is applied, the electric current flows through the material, causing it to heat up. The material expands as it gets hotter, causing the conductive particles to move apart from one another. As a result, the resistance of the material increases and it conducts less current, thereby regulating the temperature. This is one of the many distinct differences that FabRoc™ exhibits over competing technologies such as heated wire, carbon fibers, heated ink, etc. Technologies without a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) are susceptible to hot spots and thermal runaway situations. 

What are some of the key features of FabRoc? 

FabRoc® is virtually indestructible. The rubber-like nature of FabRoc™ makes it flexible enough to be configured into almost any shape. Unlike its competitors, freezing temperatures have no effect on the flexibility of FabRoc™. This quality makes it ideal for external climates and suitable for a broad range of commercial applications. Unlike wire-based systems, FabRoc™ continues to operate even if it is slit or torn with no risk of electric shock. FabRoc™ operates on low voltage, which means that it can be powered by both 12 volt and rechargeable batteries. Since the polymer material self-regulates to its manufactured temperature, there is no requirement for thermostats or fuses. FabRoc™ has the ability to heat up to an incredible 572° F (with higher voltage). 

FabRoc™ is:

- Safe due to the PTC properties and cannot overheat.

- Inert and therefore resistant to most chemicals, making it ideal for use in industrial environments.

- Energy Efficient, converting over 98% of electrical energy into heat.

- Lightweight, Waterproof, and Crushproof.

- Stretchable, with up to 200% elongation before rupture. FabRoc™ is very durable and therefore suitable for applications that need to move and remain pliable such as clothing, coverings, seats, wraps, warming blankets, etc.

- Very thin at 0.8mm